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Cait Mizzi is an educator, writer and clinician of functional nutrition. Her private practice focuses on human health optimization, across the lifespan. Through a comprehensive intake session and appropriate functional testing, clients receive attentive and personalized care that suits their needs. Cait guides her clients to reach and maintain the specific health goals of each individual.



Cait’s passionate journey in health and wellness began as a result of her own 25-year struggle with autoimmune disease, sending her on a lifelong search for answers. 

In 2016, Cait left a successful 15-year career in fashion & advertising to pursue an education in nutrition. Cait has completed an extensive nutrition program at IHN at the top of her class, as well as many functional medicine courses including immunology, sports nutrition, ketogenic diets and pre and postnatal nutrition. Cait is also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. As such, Cait is able to support deep exploration and a wide range of care with her clients.

Having dedicated years of study and research into understanding the intricate relationship between the human body, the importance of its environment, lifestyle factors and of course, how the foods that we choose to eat affect us, Cait's practice focuses on total health optimization - from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Although she is well-known for her expertise of ketogenic and AIP strategies, Cait ensures that bio-individuality is at the forefront of every protocol and plan. What works for one, does not work for all!

Cait offers both 1:1 visits as well as group programming where the ultimate goal is to educate and empower others to take autonomy over their well-being and strive for a life of vibrancy.

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Underlying imbalances and dysfunction of the body’s biological systems can often go undetected. Appropriate functional testing can quickly identify the root cause and in turn, fast track healing. If required, Cait can offer gastrointestinal, genetic, hormone and food sensitivity testing as well as the thorough review of all standard blood work.


Reversing insulin resistance and pre-diabetes begins to happen within a few short weeks of appropriate dietary intervention. Continuous blood glucose monitoring is an incredible tool that quickly empowers individuals with real-time data to make effective and sustainable changes that significantly improve their quality of life.


Cait offers customized meal planning to suit various needs, requirements, life stages and conditions; pre and post-natal nutrition, introduction of solids, food addiction and specialized nutritional support for those suffering from autoimmune disease and metabolic syndrome.

"Cait listened to me and worked with me to find a solution that was best. I am now following a protocol she put together especially for me - and it's working! Cait hears her patients, acts with compassion and has the specialized knowledge you would want in a nutritionist. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Cait’s services."

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